Anti-Redness Gel BioAcne


Organic* anti-acne and anti-redness gel that controls the symptoms of acne rosacea. This highly protective formula provides all the benefits of embryonic plant extracts to help desensitize hyper-reactive skin and instantly relieve discomfort. Its synergy of vasoconstrictor, decongestant and soothing ingredients helps calm the redness and pimples associated with acne rosacea. This gel eliminates papules and pustules caused by the Demodex Folliculorum moth for a fresh and even complexion. Thanks to its antioxidants and prebiotics, this treatment helps to reinforce the balance of the cutaneous microbiota and helps to prevent the occurrence of acne rosacea breakouts in the long term. Used daily, this cream helps regenerate the epidermis and improve the skin’s texture day after day.

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